Oslo Airport City aims to become Norway's most eco-friendly commercial area. By building an emission-free district with surplus energy in Norway's most important transport hub, OAC will be a unique area in terms of sustainability, both in a Norwegian and European context.

Development through expertise, location and careful planning are the keys to creating an accessible and pleasant environment, as well as reducing the need for transport and consequential waste of natural resources. We aim to make Oslo Airport City (OAC) an attractive workplace for businesses and visitors with the highest standard for sustainability.

Sustainable strategy

OAC will be a driving force for sustainable buildings and areas. Thorough long-term planning gives us the opportunity to develop a wide-ranging commercial area which meets current and future environmental requirements. During the design and development of Oslo Airport City we have focused particularly on the following areas:

  • Hub development
  • Adaptable buildings and areas
  • Energy
  • Space efficient
  • Circular economy
  • Smart buildings
  • Smart mobility
  • Emissions-free area
  • Green and attractive outdoor spaces

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